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RiverPark Center’s mission places an emphasis on arts in education, and to fulfill this mission, RiverPark presents many diverse programs that bring memorable arts experiences to students of all ages.

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Theatre Camps

Junior Theatre Arts Academy

June 12-16

Ages 6-9

This year’s theme is “It’s Tough to be a Bug”. Students will explore the lives of insects and use the tools of theatre (singing, acting, arts & crafts) to discover what a bug’s life might be like. Students will then put on a short recital at the end of the day on June 16 to display what they’ve learned through the week.

Tuition is $125.00

Senior Theatre Arts Academy

June 19-30

Ages 10-18

RiverPark’s Senior Theatre Arts Academy is a two-week camp where students learn many aspects of theatre arts. Just like with the younger group, they will have classes that teach singing, acting, and production design. But at the end of the two weeks, the students will not just put up a recital, but a fully realized play! This year’s production will be the charming, quirky classic “James and the Giant Peach”!

Tuition is $275.00.

Film Camp

July 10-21

High Schoolers

A brand new addition to the RiverPark Summer Camp series, this is a two-week camp for high schoolers where students learn aspects of film making, from the technical to the artistic. The last day of camp will be a showcase of the students’ work!

Tuition is $250.00.

Rock Camp

July 24-28

5th - 12th Grade

A week-long camp for kids from 5th to 12th grade who love to rock out. Taught by local musicians, the camp allows kids to practice and learn three or four rock songs to be performed on the last day of camp. This year, the final recital will be performed as the opening act for Stairway to Zeppelin, a Led Zeppelin tribute act!

Tuition is $125.00.

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