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Celebrity’s Circle

Individual Donors
Joseph K. and Inez Eichenbaum Foundation

Producers Circle

Individual Donors
Anonymous (2)
Lawrence and Augusta Hager Educational Foundation
The Marilyn & William Young Charitable Foundation

President's Circle

Individual Donors
B.J. Killian Foundation
Rodney and Joanne Berry
Brenda and Noel Clayton
Jeffrey W. Danhauer-Danhauer Drug Co., Inc.
Margie and Jeff Ebelhar
Jimmy and Karen Staton
Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Temple

Director’s Circle


Individual Donors
Allen Holbrook and Forrest Roberts
Ben and Laura Berry
Bruce and Lia Hager Fund of the Greater 
   Cincinnati Foundation
Michael E. Horn Family Foundation
Jesse T. and Helen W. Mountjoy
Jennie Temple
Joanne Fore Masters
The Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels
David and Julie Renshaw
David and Jan Ann Scott
Janice Skaggs
Wanda Harper Henry and Virgil L. Henry Fund
Terry Woodward
Yeager Charitable Trust


Individual Donors
Dave and Bonnie Adkisson
Dan and Karen Andersen
Bob and Della Best
Gary and Meg Boswell
Elaine Brewer
Sarah and Neel Ford
Morton Holbrook, III
Roger and Pat Humphrey
Phil and Mary Beth Hurley
Esther and Bill Jansing
Dr. and Mrs. Tom Maddox
Frederic and Rebecca May
John and Mary Medley
Dr. John and Cindy Mulligan
Mary Ann and Charles Medley
Bill and Kathryn Raymer
Glen and Jackie Snow
Septtimous and Deborah Taylor
Tracy and Debra Thacker
Bill and Susie Tyler
Sally H. Wood


Individual Donors
Gary and Virginia Braswell
Tony and Carolyn Clark
Stephen and Peggi Clark
Evelyn Clark
Chris and Kim Conkright
Drs. Courtney and Jay Crews
Abigail and Eric Edds
Jean Earle Felix
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Field
Michelle Doyle
Michael Gardner
Chris and Jenny Glaser
Green River Area Community Foundation
Dan Griffith, IV
Eleanor Griffin
Dr. and Mrs. William C. Harrison
John and Riley Hess
Drew and Morgan Kirkland
Kirk and Dianne Kirkpatrick
Scott and Cindy McCain
Thomas E. and Lucy H. Neal
Dennis L. Newberry
Donna J. Risley
Dave and Claire Roberts
Patricia and Gary Satterwhite
Tom and Debbie Stites
Eleanor Birk Sutton
Pat Yager
William Machin and Catahrine Schmitt
   Charitable Fund


Individual Donors
Bart Darrell

Dan and Karen Anderson
Alice and William Brauns
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Cabell
Tom and Liz Carroll
Anita and Roy Cash
Barton Darrell
Steven and Sarah Ford
Dr. Carol T. Gallagher
Joy Gray
Tom and Kathy Hayden
Sara and David Hemingway
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond S. Kramer
Dr. and Mrs. William Langford
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic May
David and Nancy McCollough
Stacie and Tim Meyer
Jerry and Koko Morris
James and Paula Naas
Ed and Mary Riney
Father Jerry Riney
Keith and Elissa Sanders
Roger Sassaman
Ms. Patricia Shultz
Madison and Amy Silvert
Jack Simpson
Roxi Witt
Debra Woodard



Individual Donors

Anonymous (2)

Ed and Evolyn Allen

AmazonSmile Foundation

Anne Alexander

Patsy and John Austin

John Baer

Teresa and Robbie Ball

Phillip Barman

Harry and Peg Bellew

Alice Best

Stephen Best

Thomas Larry Birkhead

Carol Blake

Don Blandford

Mr. John Bolton

Lyndsay Booker

Mary Bryan Booth

Kenneth Eugene Borders

Bobby Burgess

Sister Elaine Burke

Bridget Burshears

Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Burton

John and Jennifer Busse

Robert and Jan Carlton

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Carpenter

Joe and Kaye Castlen

Ed and Gloria Cecil

George and Pam Collignon

Allen and Donna Conkwright

Katherine Cooke

Pat and Lorraine Corkran

Don and Janice Crask

Leigh and Jeff Crume

Danzer Orthodontics

S.B. Darnell

Darrel Day

Jaynan Day-Wheeler

Chris Davis

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Dexter

David and Rebecca Eggers

Douglas and Beverly Ellis

Lupe Ellis

Barry S. and Patricia M. Embry

Rebecca Englehart

Carolyn Estes

Jonathon and Renea Estes

Travis and Tara Estes

Ed and Joyce Ann Evans

Tom and Ann Evans

Carolyn Atkinson Ewing

Adrienne and Norman Feige

Mr. Bruce Ferguson

Martha Finley

Michael and Cindy Fiorella

Sylvester and Barbar Fischer

Mick and Connie Ford

Matt and Jana Beth Francis

Pat and Norman Frey

Mr. and Mrs. Vince Frey

Bob and Mildred Gilles

Jerry Glahn and Amy Dent Glahn

Bob Glenn

Roy and Donna Gorman


Individual Donors

Anonymous (4)
James and Mary Beller
Vicky Bellamy
Dr. Larry Benz
Joseph and Haley Berry
Shelia Bishop
Carol and Wayne Bivins
Doris Black
Kenneth and Virginia Blandford
Tom and Diane Bowers
Joy and Garry Bowlds
Malcolm and Sally Bryant
Martha Bryant
Ruth Bullock
Keith Cain
Doug and Rhonda Cavender
Phil and Laura Clark
Janice Foster and Mike Coakley
Dianne Colvin
Dr. John Combs
Joseph and Karen Conway
Judy and Tom Dixon
Daniel Ebelhar
Jeremy and Sheryl Edge
Laura Edge
Mary and Robert Fazio
David and Sue Fowler
Francis Gastineau
Carol Goetz
Donna Griffin
Jane M. Haase
Louise Halsey
Vicki Hairston
Jeff Hammond
Barbara Hatfield
Drew Hawley
Diana Head
Donald and Pamela Hendricks
Mike and Sherry Henshaw
Julia Helveston

Corporate & Government Giving Circles
City of Owensboro
Kentucky Arts Council
Owensboro Grain
United States Small Business Administration

Corporate & Government Giving Circles
Boardwalk Pipeline Partners

Corporate & Government Giving Circles
Cromwell Media
Daviess County Fiscal Court
Danhauer Drug Co.
Eyewitness News
Owensboro Grain
Owensboro Health
Daviess County Fiscal Court
Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline
Texas Gas Transmission LLC

Corporate & Government Giving Circles
Atmos Energy, KY Division
Independence Bank
Kentucky Legend
Sullivan Mountjoy Attorneys
The Women’s Hospital – Deaconess
US Bank Home Mortgage

Corporate & Government Giving Circles
Adams & Whitt Periodontics, PSC
Greenwell Chisholm Printing Co.
Rhinegeist Brewert
Yager Materials

Corporate & Government Giving Circles
American Patriot Getaways
Clark Distributing Co., Inc.
Country Boy Brewing, LLC
Deaconess Hospital
Escape Today
Glenn Funeral Home and Crematory
Jerry Ray Davis
Kentucky Humanities Council
Old National Bank
Owensboro Dermatology
Ruoff Home Mortgage, Inc.
Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline
Swedish Match of North America

Corporate & Government Giving Circles
Barn Quilt Trail Project of Daviess County
Diane Goetz Family Practice
Don Moore Automotive Group
First Christian Church
Foreman Watson Land Title LLC
Owensboro Public Schools

Elaine Stephen Grant

Carl and Molly Greenwell

Jean Griffin

Christy and Sonny Hall

Arthur and Debra Harreld

Hadley and Larry Harrington

Helen Harris

Carolyn Hast

Douglas and Cheryl Hayden

Connie Hoskins

Dr. John and Barbie Howard

Sarah Howard

Dr. and Mrs. C.W. Jansing

Joy and Jerry Johnson

Kimberly Johnson and Randy Spaw

Ronnie and Jackie Jones

Charles Kamuf

Robert and Linda Knight

William and Sharon Kurtz

Dr. John & Cate Lauzon

Richard LeibJohn and Marna Loucks

Tom and Vicki Luckett

Phil and Nancy Malone

Mark and Karen McCarty

Carolyn and John McCarty

Norris and Elise McDivitt

Patricia Michals

Patsy and Robert Milam

Suzanne Miles

Carol Moore

Patti Moore

Margaret Moorman

Scott Morton

Jeffery Murphey

Christina O’Bryan

Dorothy Oflynn

Patricia Osborne

Freddy Peralta

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ralph

Charles W. Reece

Mike Risley

Cathy and Stephen Rogier

Mark and Susan Rouse

Richard D. Rue

Susan Rust

Dr. J. Charles and Margaret Schertzinger

Joanna Shake

Anne G. Sheriff

Mr. and Mrs. David Silvert

David and Dottie Sinclair

Peggy and Steve Stemle

Vicki and Jack Stogsdill

Ron Sullivan

Janet and Richard Suwanski

Jeff and Betty Taylor

Millie Tatum

Greg Vanhorn

Doctors Cassey and Ben Vessels

Joe and Jan Westerfield

Mary Alice Wethington

Russ WilkeyJohn and Betty Williams

Pam Woodard

Steve Hopper
Gary Houser
Ron and Jane Howard
Patsy and Bob Hudson
Mark and JoAnne Johnson
J.L. and Robyn Knapp
Steve Land
Mr. Walter Lazenby
Elizabeth Leib
Veronica McCauley
Sherri McDaniel
Beverley McEnroe
Teresa and Joseph McKinley
Lisa Mingus-Tullis
Frieda Moseley
Jim and Sharon Murphy
Chris and Michelle Nebel
Mary and Marvin Owen
Ms. Deitra Paris
Penelope Payne
Patti Price
Debra Priest
Margaret Pickerill
Robert and Barbara Quisenberry
Sinda Ralph
Josephine T. Rowan
Todd Reynolds
Linda Seagle
Robert W. Slack
Jerry Lynn and Alice Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stainback
Mary Stevens
Ryan Taylor
Billy Vaughn
Phyllis and Tyrrell Whitaker
Betty Whittinghill
Thomas Whitsett
Dolores Young
Mrs. Patsy R. Young

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